CES Verification

What is CES verification ?

The process of CES (Comparative Education Service) verification, established by IRCC, is exclusively committed to delivering comprehensive credential assessment services for individuals who have attained their education outside the borders of Canada. CES meticulously evaluates educational accomplishments and furnishes reports that facilitate individuals in showing the parallel value of their education within the Canadian context.

Why CES verification is Necessary?

CES verification is crucial because it meets the needs of immigration authorities, universities, and employers in Canada. These reports are important tools that confirm your education matches Canadian standards. This confirmation allows you to pursue higher education, explore job opportunities, and smoothly manage immigration processes.

Who requires CES?

CES verification holds value for those who have pursued education outside of Canada and wish to establish the legitimacy and acceptance of their educational accomplishments within the Canadian framework. This encompasses international students, immigrants, working professionals, and individuals aspiring to engage in diverse educational and occupational avenues in Canada.

Documents Needed for CES Verification

To commence the CES verification process, it is vitally important to provide your primary educational records. This entails submitting your original academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, and any relevant certificates. These documents should be issued by the institutions where you were enrolled.

How GVS Attestation can help for CES Verification

At GVS attestation, we extend holistic support for CES verification. Our adept team navigates you through every step, guaranteeing precise and punctual document submission. We manage the paperwork, communicate with CES on your behalf, and streamline the evaluation process for efficiency.

With pride, we have catered to the contentment of one million clients. Our commitment remains unwavering to help you realize your aspirations with no compromises. Embracing transparency, our services are tailored to ensure customer satisfaction.

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