ICAS Verification

ICAS Verification

ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service) is committed to aiding individuals in attaining their objectives within their specific fields. As a recognized ECA service by the Canadian Government, its mission revolves around offering credential assessments for immigrants. The core focus is to evaluate credentials for those intending to pursue education or employment opportunities in the US/Canada. ICAS mandates authenticated documents directly from the issuing institutions to conduct the assessment, a procedure that generally spans around four weeks.

Why ICAS verification is Necessary?

The requirement for ICAS assessment emerges from its indispensable role in the pursuits of individuals aspiring for educational or occupational avenues in the United States or Canada. ICAS evaluations, entrusted by educational establishments and employers alike, serve as the bedrock for appraising the parity of global educational attainments. In this manner, they amplify prospects in both professional endeavors and scholarly undertakings.

Essential Documentation for ICAS Evaluation

  • Degrees / Diplomas / Postgraduate Certificates

The certificate must be a duplicate of the Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Doctoral Degree, etc., issued by the relevant university or institution from which the individual received the degree. Kindly submit a well-defined and easily readable photocopy of this record for ICAS Assessment purposes. Sending the original document is unnecessary unless specifically requested.

  • Mark List/Official Transcript

The authorized record provided by the institution or university responsible for administering the exams. It outlines the subjects/papers attempted and the corresponding marks achieved for each academic year in those subjects. We will not consider mark sheets issued or verified by the college you attended, unless they are from an autonomous or constituent college, for the purpose of the verification process.

Option 1 : For studies that are finished, ongoing, or yet to be completed, applicants can ask the educational institution that administered the exams to verify and send their records directly to ICAS Assessment. The documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, with the back flap signed or stamped by the authorized authentication officer from the respective institution

Option 2 : If documents are dispatched by the applicant, a crucial step involves the attestation, dating, and encasement of the documents within a sealed envelope. Similar to option 1, the envelope’s back flap must bear the signature or seal of an authorized authentication officer. It’s essential to maintain the envelope’s integrity; any instance of tampering, absence of seal, or signature renders the submission ineligible.

  • ICAS accepts documents for the assessment process when they have been verified and officially stamped by the authorized personnel at the administering institution, such as the Controller of Examinations or the Registrar’s Office.
  • We will not accept attestations from individual professors, officials at affiliated colleges, or external notary publics.

Key Considerations to Remember for ICAS

We kindly urge you to begin your ICAS journey by registering and submitting an application to receive a reference number. This crucial ICAS reference number, provided by ICAS (ECA), must be prominently indicated on all envelopes and correspondence. To expedite the processing of your application, ensure that your reference number is included on all documents forwarded for ICAS evaluation.

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