HRD Attestation

HRD Attestation Services

HRD Attestation is a regional verification process conducted on Academic Documents within the respective state of issuance. The Human Resource Development (HRD) department undertakes the responsibility of confirming and validating educational certificates and diplomas acquired by individuals. This validation becomes obligatory for educational documents when individuals intend to pursue higher education or explore job opportunities abroad.

Procedure for HRD Attestation

The usual steps in the HRD attestation procedure generally encompass the following:

  • HRD Attestation: After the University verification process is finalized, the documents are forwarded to the State HRD department. Here, they are validated and authenticated with an official seal, verifying the authenticity of the educational certificates.
  • University Verification: The respective University or Board, which issues the certificate, conducts Primary Source Verification (PSV) to authenticate the legitimacy of the certificate.
  • Additional Attestation: Once the HRD attestation is completed, the educational certificate is then presented to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for additional attestations.

How GVS Attestation can help for HRD Attestation

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