MEA Attestation

What is MEA Attestation?

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation is the procedure of obtaining validation and verification for diverse documents issued within a country. The Ministry of External Affairs, the central authority responsible for foreign affairs, extends attestation services to affirm the legitimacy of documents such as educational certificates, personal records, commercial documents, and more. MEA attestation ensures the acknowledgement and validation of these documents in foreign nations.

This document serves as evidence validating the authenticity of the mentioned documents in international settings, enabling you to pursue your educational and professional aspirations abroad. It covers endeavors such as gaining admission to prestigious universities, obtaining work permits, and establishing new businesses. MEA attestation constitutes a significant component of your overseas academic or career objectives. Typically, this procedure takes place immediately after completing Human Resource Development (HRD) / Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or Home Department Attestation. It stands as a compulsory process through which all documents must pass before attaining embassy or higher-level attestation.

Duration for MEA Attestation

The process of MEA attestation typically spans approximately 2 to 3 business days. Nonetheless, it’s essential to recognize that this is a rough estimate and could differ in specific instances.

How GVS Attestation can help for MEA Attestation

We are a respected company committed to assisting our clients with the MEA attestation procedure. With a team that has successfully guided thousands of satisfied clients through the process, we consistently rank among the most reliable service providers. Our range of services includes:

  • Gathering, verifying, and submitting documents to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Efficiently coordinating with relevant authorities.
  • Securing the necessary seals and endorsements on your documents.
  • Managing supplementary attestations, including embassy or consulate verifications.
  • Keeping you informed with timely updates on the attestation progress.

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