UK Naric/ Ecctis

UK Naric / Ecctis Process

UK NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre) offers assessment and comparison of international qualifications in relation to UK standards. If you hold an international qualification and intend to have it acknowledged in the UK, you can utilize the UK NARIC procedure to acquire an official statement of comparability, affirming the UK equivalency of your qualification. UK NARIC evaluates and issues equivalency certificates for qualifications, with a minimum level of a Bachelor’s Degree.

The procedure for acquiring a UK NARIC statement of comparability consists of the following stages:

  • Identify the specific type of statement of comparability you need. UK NARIC offers various services, such as the Basic Statement of Comparability, the Statement of Comparability for Work Purposes, and the International Qualification Check. Each service has distinct prerequisites and fees.
  • Complete your application and provide the necessary documents. Copies of your educational records, like transcripts and certificates, along with proof of your identity, will be essential for the process.
  • Ensure Payment of Applicable Fee: UK NARIC charges varying fees based on the specific type of statement of comparability required.
  • Wait for Evaluation Process to Conclude: Your application and submitted documents will undergo assessment by UK NARIC to ascertain the equivalence of your qualifications with those in the UK.
  • Receive Your UK NARIC Statement: Upon completion of the evaluation, UK NARIC will furnish you with an official statement detailing the equivalence of your qualifications to UK standards, including English Proficiency.

Types of UK NARIC Services

  • Standard UK NARIC Processing Time: 10-15 working days.
  • UK NARIC Fast Track Processing: 48 hours or 24 hours

The fees for standard UK NARIC and UK NARIC Fast Track services are subject to variation. kindly reach out to GVS attestation for more comprehensive information.

If you aspire to advance your career in the UK, the recognition provided by UK NARIC/ECCTIS (National Academic Recognition Centre) enhances your educational and professional prospects within the UK. This authorized national agency, operating under a contract with the Department of Education, specializes in the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills. Our expedited service ensures timely completion of your UK NARIC/ECCTIS process.

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