CGFNS Verification

CGFNS Verification for Nursing

The CGFNS, or Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools, is an entity that evaluates the credentials of internationally-educated nurses aiming for employment in the U.S. This encompasses confirming personal identification documents, academic and professional qualifications, and work history in nursing. The organization’s objective is to guarantee that internationally educated nurses possess the essential qualifications and education for secure and proficient practice within the United States.

Procedure of CGFNS Verification

  • Application: Begin by submitting an application to CGFNS, furnishing personal and academic details.
  • Credential Assessment: CGFNS evaluates your educational qualifications, encompassing transcripts, nursing program specifics, and licenses. They gauge the comparability of your education with the standards mandated for nursing practice in the U.S.
  • Demonstration of English Proficiency: Show your English language prowess by presenting test scores like TOEFL or IELTS, fulfilling CGFNS prerequisites.
  • CGFNS Qualifying Exam: Partake in the CGFNS Qualifying Exam, evaluating your nursing acumen and capability to practice securely within the U.S. healthcare framework.
  • Authentication of Credentials: CGFNS validates the legitimacy of your credentials, encompassing licenses, registrations, and any pertinent paperwork.
  • Visa Screen: After effectively completing the aforementioned stages, you’re eligible to apply for a Visa Screen certificate from CGFNS. This certificate is frequently mandatory for internationally-educated nurses aspiring to secure a U.S. work visa.

How GVS Attestation can help for CGFNS Verification

We Aid Indian Nursing Professionals aiming to Practice in the U.S. Our services includes:

  • Personal Document Attestation
  • Document Verification
  • Help with Credential Evaluation
  • Facilitation of Transcript Procurement and Indian Nursing Council License Acquisition
  • Guidance in Securing Experience Certificates

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