ICES Verification

International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) Verification

ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service) is an institution recognized by IRCC. Its role is to assess and confirm educational credentials outside Canada. Through their evaluations, they provide an essential insight into the significance and comparability of foreign educational qualifications.

Who needs ICES Verification?

For immigrants with ambitions of pursuing advanced education or career paths in Canada, ICES evaluation becomes a pivotal process. This assessment aids educational institutions and employers in gauging the value of your foreign educational achievements.

What are the documents Required for ICES Evaluation?

When applying for ICES evaluation, we require colored copies of specific documents: a government-issued identification proof (such as a valid passport), both sides of each final degree certificate, and both sides of each academic transcript. If your educational certificates are in a foreign language, please provide copies of officially certified translations into English.

How GVS Attestation can help for ICES Verification

We’ve delighted and satisfied customers through uncompromising quality. Our transparent, quality-focused process is user-friendly and guarantees a seamless and effective experience. Our meticulous and targeted services are designed to create customer satisfaction.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive university verification services to facilitate your ECA evaluation process for universities throughout India. We handle all the essential document submission requirements, which encompass academic transcripts, degree certificates, diplomas, and other pertinent records. Our team manages all university-related tasks on behalf of our clients, ensuring a seamless experience without any added stress. Rest assured, our service is secure, guaranteeing the complete safety of your documents under our care.

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